Monday, December 17, 2012

Saved by the Hop

No, I didn't mean to put bell, or hops... though a beer does sound good right now :).  I have some Big Moose Ale in there from Saranac that may or may not be calling my name.  Of course, now I am rambling.  I was in a blog brain freeze when my friend at Domestically Seasoned once again saved my butt!  She is hosting a Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop.  Basically, she is challenging each of us to perform Random Acts of Kindness and hopefully that person will carry on with another, and another, and another.  You get the picture.

As it turns out, I did a Random Act of Kindness just today!  Mini-Me were waiting patiently in line to do a return at Old Navy.  The woman in front of us was doing quite a bit of shopping, for twins if I heard correctly.  Her sale was almost complete when I remembered coupons in my purse.  They were for $30 off $100 purchase or $15 off $50.  Honestly, I don't think I ever spend that much there because I tend to shop the sales, so I offered her my $30 coupon.  Someone might as well take advantage, right?  She must have thanked me 5 times before leaving the store.   It certainly made me smile, so I did it again in Gymboree.  Hey, these coupons come to me, and I can only shop so much.  I like to see others get a deal too!

But I do definitely want to do more, and I will from now through the New Year.  Who's with me?  Just go to Domestically Seasoned and sign up.  She has some fun ideas ready for you to try too.  You don't even have to come up with them on your own!

In the meantime, tonight is the last night to register for my Funbites Giveaway.  You don't want to miss it!  Go here, now!

Friday, December 14, 2012

FunBites Giveaway!

Not going to lie.  I am exhausted.  We got in last night at 12:30AM from the work holiday party.  Yep, I said holiday.  Sorry, I actually do know lots of people that celebrate something other than Christmas.  And I find the use of holiday completely acceptable.  ANYWHO... I am going to be lazy and do a repost because I want to see more people have a chance to win.

Follow this link and enter for a chance to win a FunBites product of your choice.  Moms, you will thank me :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Officially Training for 1/2 Marathon

I think I am still riding the high from getting into the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon yesterday.  Seriously, I couldn't be more excited.  The fact that it was lottery makes it all that more fun.  It was like winning something already.  Really, what else could explain why I am looking forward to this schedule below?  Although, I have to admit, crosstraining days throw me a bit.  I am planning yoga today along with those fabulous squats and plank.  They are getting a little easier, so hopefully that means I am getting stronger! 

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!   And don't forget to enter the raffle for a FunBites of your choice.  You can find the review and rafflecopter here: FunBites Rock!

1m plank
  25 squats
1 min plank
  30 squats
1m 15s plank
  35 squats
  30m run Mod sprint
  5x30 hard
1m 15s plank
  40 squats
  45m run Lt
1m 15s plank
  45 squats
  Cross train
1.5m plank
  50 squats
  60m run Mod
55 squats
1.5m plank
  60 squats
  80m run
2m plank
2m plank
  65 squats
  40m run Mod sprint
  8x30 hard
2m plank
70 squats
50m run Lt
2.5m plank
75 squats
Cross train
2.5m plank
80 squats
70m run Mod
85 squats
3m plank
90 squats
80m run
3m plank
95 squats
3m plank
100 squats
30m run Lt
3.5m plank
100 squats
45m run Lt
3.5m plank
50 squats
45m run Mod
4m plank
55 squats
Cross train
60 squats
70m run
4m plank
100 squats
4m plank
65 squats

45m run Mod
Sprint 5x1m mod
90s rest

4.5m plank
70 squats
4.5m plank
100 squats
50m run Lt
5m plank
Cross train
5m plank
80 squats
70m run Mod
85 squats
6m plank
90 squats
90m run
6m plank
100 squats


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Overdue... Fun Bites Review

I have to apologize to Bobbie over at FunBites!  She sent me this awesome product a little over 1 month ago, and I really had every intention of having this review up right away.  Of course, life happened, and I forgot.  So here is my long overdue review.

My oldest is near 5 now, and around 2 or 3, I really wanted him to start eating sandwiches.  I needed to make something other than chicken nuggets and turkey dogs :).  As an enticement, I broke out the cookie cutters and started making shapes out of the sandwiches.  It also served the dual purpose of cutting off the crust without drawing attention to the fact that I was cutting off the crust.  The problem with cookie cutters is that you need ones that are metal and deep enough to go through the 2 slices of bread, lunch meat and cheese.  Plus it has to have that nice sharper edge.  If you can find one that works well, then the other issue is getting it out of the cutter design without mangling the bread.

Luckily, someone else must have been thinking about this when they were making sandwiches for their own kids.  And that someone is Bobbie over at FunBites.  She has designed the ultimate sandwich cutter that can not only be used on sandwiches but lots of other foods.  I admit, we have it in full time use for sandwiches, so we haven't explored other opportunities just yet.  I can see the future of melon in our household though. 

Basically, the cutter is designed as a rocker - think the blades of a rocking chair.  You place it over the bread (or other food item) then rock it left to right until it is through the entire sandwich.  I love this because you aren't digging a cutter into your hands as you try to get that one corner through.  You are thinking, yeah, so?  Here's the best part - There is a unit that fits down into the cutter and pushes the now cut pieces out in perfect form.  Can you here the "ta da" ringing through the air?!

Geez!  My head is obviously still working out.  Actually, the even best of the best part is that the cutter isn't just a design.  It is a tangram design!  So there are all these little shapes that make up a bigger design.  It makes either perfect bite size pieces or parts that kids might want to move around into a new shape.  Ingenius!  We have rarely gone a day since it arrived without making a sandwich.  Thank you, thank you. 

Now for an even cooler thing.  They are offering one up for a raffle to one of my readers.  You get to pick which design!  However... you have to come by tomorrow in order to enter.  Tricky, huh?  Don't forget...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh Jillian...

I haven't written a fitness update in a while.  And you might be surprised to know that isn't because I am not being active.  Actually, it is just the opposite.  I have been so busy maintaining my exercise regimen along with my normal life that I haven't had much time to sit and think about it.

In late September, I got involved in an online fitness group, Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp.  It was started by these wonderful ladies over at Fitness Unscripted.  The soul of the group came from a blogger Mama Laughlin who documented her weight loss journey in great honesty. And continues to inspire many in her continuing fitness endeavor.  The group hosts challenges monthly, support for goals, ideas and research to help you make better choices and get healthy.  It is no secret that this Mama likes a good challenge.  So far, I have participated in the Holiday Team Challenge which ends today.  I also signed up for a Piles on the Miles challenge, where I exceeded my 75 miles pledged and actually ran 102 in the month of November.  Now I am onto a plank and squat challenge and have joined the group that is training for a 1/2 marathon.  Whew!  In all that time, I have lost a little over 17 lbs!  Holy crap!

One of my reasons for posting this today is because, MLFC has planned a retreat this summer in Dallas.  They would love to have some speakers, and top on the list is Jillian Michaels.  Why?  Well, she has been the inspiration of challenges that I sadly missed before I joined.  Can anyone say 30 Day Shred and not wince a little :)?  Jen over at Fitness Unscripted has written a plea/petition if you will and we could use the comments to help coax Jillian that a group of 7000 women would really like to hear what she has to say.  Please take a pop on over and take a look, make a comment and help the ladies get their wish!  Just click on the icon to the right ------------------------------>>

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He's back!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hermie Gets New Digs

Exhibit A
We bought the K-Man a hermit crab this summer while at the beach.  Actually, truth be told, we bought 2, but the other didn't make it past 1 month.  Great parents, huh?  According to K, it was his dad's anyway :).  I didn't ever think that hermie number 2 would last.  I had done some research after first bringing him home.  It turns out that hermit crabs are pretty social and playful.  Who knew?  And here, we have him in this tiny cage (see exhibit A) with little room to move, no climbing space and now no friend.

Flash forward 4 months, and hermie is still kicking.  So for Christmas, this mama bought him some new digs.  The new place has climbing walls, a real food and water dish, 2 sponges and 2 fake trees.  K-Man really would like to buy him a little house where he could hide.  Maybe Santa was listening and can bring that.  Watch him kick the shell next week!
He is in the lower right, back corner :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pile on The Miles - COMPLETE!!

I am so excited to announce that I exceeded my goal for Pile on the Miles
Total Tally =
102.487 miles!!
And I did it today sporting my new compression socks.  Aren't they pretty?!

Next up?  I decided to start training for a 1/2 marathon.  Yep, you read that right.  I am officially a runner.  Ask 2 friends I ran with back in June, and they can relate that I said, "I don't think I will ever have any desire to run anything more than a 5K."  Oops.  Never say never.  Now to choose which one...  Anyone have one they recommend on the East Coast?   I want it to be more than just the run, but an experience!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More What NOT to Buy My Kids

Ever just want to say what you REALLY want to say about gift giving for your kids, well this Mom did: What Not to F'ing Buy My Kids This Holiday.  Hey, since it is out there, why not add a little to the list, and is there a reason we must limit this to holidays?!  I mean really, is there ANY point you want this crap in your house?  My friends and I came up with our own list as an addendum, though a couple were important enough to keep and expand upon.  Thanks Feb08 Moms among others :). 

1. Presents requiring adult interaction - Unless there are siblings that can play together, this is not a great gift for exactly the reasons in the cited blog. We do need bathroom time, uninterrupted would be great, but obviously that is for a different wish list.  Gifts of this nature should reside in the gift giver's home.

2. Anything with glitter - Nuff said.

3. Talking Puzzles - The concept in itself is not bad.  But buyer and user beware.  If one single piece is missing, that damn thing will talk every time the lights go out.  So if you gift one of these find puzzle specimens, be prepared to wake to fire engines, train whistles and animal noises after our next visit.  You may never find the source.  We are moms and we are good at hiding things.

4.  Dollar store/Kids' Meal Toys - We know our children are deprived these tchotchkes. There are reasons for that. They typically do not have all the features of a real version bought in reputable stores and they tend to break quickly. 

5. Toys requring companion pieces (specifically boy stuff) - Batman needs a Robin or at least a Joker.  They aren't Barbies.  Boys aren't going to dress them, brush their hair and be content.  They either need someone to fight crime with or fight against.

6.  Stuffed animals - Just know that if you continually bring one, we are most likely going to continually discard one.  Please don't ask where that "one" is because if it is here, we don't know and if it isn't, you won't like the answer.

7. "Craft" items with a zillion teeny pieces (thanks Britt!) - Using the term craft lightly, as the items could easily be made from something not requiring grains the size of sand to create it.  Think Moon Sand, Pixos, or Orbeez.  The maker of these items either never had kids or wanted to punish people for having them.  They should only ever be used outdoors.  Of course, we can't promise they are environmentally friendly.

8. Expanding on the dolls - Please, we beg you, do not bring dolls into our houses with those glassy eyes that open and close. This is not because our daughters won't like them, but because they freak the SHIT out of us! Think Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Seriously!Side note: There were ceramic dolls that belonged to my grandmother in the attic of my old house. I faced them toward the walls because I was afraid they were looking at me through the storage walls. I was a married adult, mind you!

9.  Race track -  People, there is an age limit on toys for a reason!  It isn't typically under 4 on race tracks.  If you were sweet, you got a set that had the sections marked so they could be taken apart and put together easily. But chances are good, you didn't and now we have to pour another drink or 3 trying to figure out how the damn thing goes together for the 5th time today because a nearly 3 year old just takes it apart and then whines for it to be back together.  And it isn't even noon.  Ok, the drink is milk for the kid, but we will make up for that later!

10.  Items WITHOUT a gift receipt - We beg and plead with you, please include a gift receipt.  It isn't a reflection on you if it is the wrong size, wrong color, or we got 2.  Let us at least get what you paid for it in exchange for something that will be used.

Happy Holidays!
Love, The Moms

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Explosion!

Similar to the scene in our garage fridge this morning...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Necessary Evils - Car Maintenance

I have spent the last 2 afternoons at the car dealership.  Actually, I am still here.  It was just time.  Both vehicles needed some general check ups.  We just can't risk it since we carry precious cargo in these things!  Nonetheless, I am mildly ill with the impending bill, particularly from today.

I knew I needed new tires on the back soon, but was holding off.  Plus I have a guy who does that.  He comes to the house even!  But the rotors, ugh... That was a surprise.  They are going to try to turn them ( basically grind them down to flat to give them new life).  They are at bare minimum as it is though, which means that next time, I have to pay for new ones no matter what.  Blah!  It isn't like I have a choice in the matter.  You have to have rotors to stop the dang car... And you have to have a car to take care of life - groceries, preschool, etc, etc.

Yesterday, I am the mistake of okaying the changing of the air filter on the truck.  Really?  What was I thinking?  I can do that.  And do you know what it cost for them to unbolt that compartment to reach it...  $15.  Heck the stupid thing was unbolted already to check it.  If I had said no, they still had it unbolted and had to reclose it.  Stupid!  It was a weak moment.

Anyway, there are days when I wish I didn't have to be an adult.  These necessary evils stink - particularly in the height of Christmas prep.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Almost Endless Movie Previews

The Mister and I are big believers in Date Night.  We try to go about every other week.  In the summer, we would do an early show around 4:00PM or so, then dinner.  That allowed a sitter to feed the kids and get them to bed, but also not be out too late if they had plans for the evening - for those whose evenings still start at 10PM :).  Our current sitter though is in High School still, so we had to adjust the show time until evening.  As it turns out, this is a bit better on the pocket book!  Tonight was more like 4 hours versus 6 with an earlier show, and only a quick bite/drink after the movie made for less expense as well.

Really, what I wanted to talk about is being at the movies.  We love to go.  I personally would see anything, but the Mister is partial to something with action, something that makes the theater experience worth the expense.   There is a brand new Regal Cinemas near us that is sweet - comfy, reclining seats with RPX or super sound.  And at $15 a ticket, I have to agree, the movie better be good.  Unfortunately, the new Bond movie wasn't being shown in this theater, so we decided to pick one with a better time for us.  I bought the tickets through Fandango, and thank goodness!  When we got there, it was sold out and we ended up with seats in the 2nd row.  I don't think I have ever sat that close before!  Anyway, the movie was fabulous.  Who wouldn't like watching Daniel Craig :)?  My issue is with the seemingly neverending previews!

The movie time was 7:10PM.  We got into our seats maybe 5 minutes early.  Commercials are running - not previews, commercials for TV shows and product!   Then finally at 7:10PM, they being the "previews".   I am not even joking when I say that this went on for 25 minutes!!  I enjoy previews as a general rule, but that is a minimum of $5 of babysitting time that I could have saved or spent afterward on a drink.  They don't make an extra penny off our being there then, so I just don't get it.  Seriously, does adding 15 minutes to previews get them an extra soda bought?  For goodness sake, the Medium is already what, 40 ounces?  The only reason I am sitting here awake right now is because I probably drank 1/2 of mine - hello caffeine! 

K-Man saw his 1st theater movie last summer when Cars 2 came out.  He enjoyed it, but was very restless for the last 15-25 minutes.  To this day, I blame that on the previews.  They wasted his attention span.  I don't know who makes the decision on what or how long to run the trailers, but the logic needs reworked.  As much as I enjoy seeing upcoming movies, I think we may start going a little later after the posted "start time".  At minimum, if taking the kids, we will hang out in the lobby, while the other adult scopes the previews.  They can text us when the real stuff is starting.  Of course that isn't to say I am not planning our next movie outing - The Hobbit is calling me!

Friday, November 16, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations!  And thank you to Melissa & Doug for sponsoring the giveaway.
Stay tuned for another fun raffle starting Monday.
Safe travels to everyone for the Thanksgiving season!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Challenge Part 3 - Mommy Instincts

I had a whole other post just about ready, but it will have to be postponed.  I am too wound up for that at the moment.

Mini Me has not been well.  I was fairly certain it was just viral - runny nose and the works.  Yesterday, she seemed very off and a bit warm, so I started alternating Motrin and Tylenol.  At every interval that a medicine would be needed, she woke hysterical.  Not good.  So this morning we scheduled an appointment with the Doctor.  Sure enough - ear infection.  The lesser of 2 evils I suppose, as I was worried about the lungs.

A z-pac liquid was prescribed because she has shown an allergy to penicillin.  We went to the pharmacy to pick it up.  That was an experience in itself which I will leave for another time.  I set her on the sink to let her play in the water stream - our new method for taking medicine.  Works like a charm by the way.  I read 3 tsps and think "wow, that seems like a lot".  I didn't really commit the number the Dr. had told me since it would be on the medicine.  After administering 2 tsps though, I look at the bottle again and realize there is no way we will have enough for 5 days at this rate.

I call the pharmacy.  And guess what?!  They mislabeled the damn thing!  It was supposed to read 3 mL.  I just gave my daughter more than 3X the recommended dosage and am seriously contemplating murder!  They are going to call my Dr. and will get back to me... from there I heard BLAH BLAH BLAH.  I hung up and immediately called the Dr. myself. 

Thankfully this story ends well, and I wasn't willing to drag my children back out into the cold.  Otherwise someone at that pharmacy was going to experience Susan in a way that few should E-V-E-R see.  As it turns out, she will not be taking any additional dosages due to a random way to prescribe this particular medicine for a child that does not have frequent infections.  I, however, still have this horrible lump in my throat, and feel like I could throw up.  Thank Goodness, I thought to look at that again and trust my Mommy Instincts. 

On with a happier thought... please don't forget to register for a chance to win a new Melissa and Doug toy.  The raffle ends tonight at midnight.  Melissa and Doug will ship the Animal Rescue Shape Sorter directly to you in plenty of time for Christmas!  A new fun giveaway and review ready to start soon as well!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oops - Semi Wordless Wednesday

Special thanks to a cousin for this :)
Pile on the Miles count 53.697 miles!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enough Already

***Disclaimer - remember when I said Susan Today was all about what is on my mind today and it may include rants.  Well, today is one of those days.

Way back in high school (and yes, that is WAY back for me), a close friend and I decided that there were a couple things we would not discuss - religion, politics and abortion.  And guess what, I am not going to start talking about those with you either.  You know why?  Because I am an intelligent, educated woman.  I assume since you are reading my blog that you are as well :).  I base my decisions on those 3 issues, along with every thing else in my life on facts and research of my own.  You are not going to change my mind with a quote from the news, a newspaper, a post on Facebook or the internet, or your opinion.  I can only assume, my own arguments for my beliefs will not change your mind either.

So ENOUGH ALREADY!  The election has ended.  Please for the love of anything good in the world, STOP posting negative things on politics.  If you really feel that the person who was duly elected by a process that has been in place for quite some time is the wrong one, fine... believe that.  I am not asking you not to.  But at this stage in the game, folks, it is over.  The only thing to do is move F-O-R-W-A-R-D.  If you truly feel that strongly that things are wrong, find a group out there that can actually make a change or work toward the changes that you think need to happen.  Complaining on social media is most likely not going to help. 

OK, I think I am done.  Carry on with your normal programming :o).