Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long time, busy as heck!

I just realized that I haven't written anything since before we closed on the house. Hmmm... wonder if there is a correlation? :oP Of course, there is, but we have also just been keeping ourselves busy. Just 3 weeks after closing, we made a trek to Duck, NC in the Outer Banks. We were joined by good friends and family. Fun times had by all. Then Jeff and I decided, Why not continue the fun and skip off Kyle-less to Jamaica - 2 weeks after vacation number 1. In between the travel, I am an organizer for a local mommies' group, Toga Tots, and forever have events and fun things for mom and Kyle to do.

I think that Kyle, at 2, has quite possibly seen just about everything that an upstate Ny summer has to offer. We have been to the state parks for their pools and lakes, farms for strawberry picking, apple picking, and pumpkins soon to come in the fall, science museums, childrens' museums, state museums, the Saratoga Race track for horse racing and Halloween in the Summer, zoos, and probably a dozen other places that I would have to scroll through pictures to remember. That isn't including the exciting time of helping Daddy build 2 bedrooms in the basement! The rooms are complete now with beds. (Reservations are to be made at a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Please call Chateau Bergman to confirm availability.)

Kyle and I also started a great new adventure with Stroller Strides. SS is an exercise program that is done while the kids are in the stroller. I really enjoy it, and so does Kyle. We go 3 days a week, and he looks forward to knowing that he will see his friends those days. Just don't tell him that Sibby (his little friend) won't be there on Fridays while she goes to preschool and it will be fine :). We also signed up for another round of classes at the Clifton Park Halfmoon Library, so 4 out of 5 days are locked up weekly... We somehow still manage to be busy that 5th day as well! I will post some pictures of the summer's adventures soon.

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