Friday, September 24, 2010

Balloon Festival Bust

I just experienced my first Halley's Comet Incident (no offense, Mom :oP). For those of you not privvy to the HCI, here's the story. My mom had a cool idea that we would all head to Oglebay observatory in the dead of winter, late at night to experience the comet. Unfortunately it was too overcast and the whole event went awry. That was our balloon fest experience tonight.

Our friends asked us to join them for the Adirondack Balloon Festival. We were to meet at a pizza shop just up the street and leave roughly 5pm. For starters, we didn't make it out of the house until 9 minutes after 5pm because Jeff had a conference call that he couldn't escape from. We should have just taken that as a sign. :) From there things got progressively more strange.

We arrive in Queensbury around 6pm to find that where we think we should be able to enter the airfield... police are directing both lines OUT. (Imagine a dog doing the crooked head thing here). We drive a little further down the road. Our friend calls another friend who is inside. She says that is indeed the entrance, it isn't very busy and to come in. So, we turn around (3 cars, mind you)and head back to the "entrance". The police officer informs us that the event is over. What?

I use Jeff's cell phone to check the internet for information. Sure enough, the launch was at 5pm, but still... this wasn't late at this point, just a little after 6pm. There is however a street fair, as part of the whole thing in downtown Glens Falls. Since the cars are packed with pizza, drinks and snacks, why not? Right? (Anyone else seeing the warning signs flashing?) I set the GPS to navigate us all to the street festival.

We find it easily, but we are starved and literally cop a squat on the lawn outside our cars at a local church. We have some dinner. Barb entertains the children with glow sticks and we finally make the short trek to Glen Street. It was like any small town street fair, I suppose. Antique cars, live band, a few booths along the way. Kyle thought the cars were pretty cool until he learned that they weren't interested in him actually touching the cars. Luckily Relay for Life was selling the ginormous lollipops, and that tided the kids over while we wandered aimlessly through the crowds.

Jeff and I decided to make it fun and have a friendly competition. Who could spot the most wifebeaters and the most mullets? Surprisingly, there were few mullets to be found. But never fear, the hot night brought out the best in wifebeater attire. And here I am at home now typing about our adventure. We had a good laugh about it though. While the moms and dads had the best of intentions of this cool family night at the Balloon Festival, the kids will only remember a night of glow sticks and giant lollipops. Sweet dreams.

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