Thursday, April 1, 2010

OOPS! Blog Neglect...

Sorry all! We have been wicked busy here in Upstate NY. Kyle and I have joined a fabulous Mommies' Group and have no less than 2 outings a week, not to mention our own outings to the house or wherever else. This week, we visited the Childrens' Museum of Saratoga Springs. He had so much fun, that I literally was dragging him out after 2 hours of non-stop play. It is a really great museum, with tons of hands on fun for toddlers. We ended up getting a membership and already hosting our own Mommies' outing in a couple weeks for Wiggles & Giggles. Can't wait!

Today was an Egg Hunt again sponsored by Toga Tots. They really outdid themselves, treats, snacks, eggs to hunt for and all at a great park that again, Kyle had to be dragged away from. Unfortunately for me, he hadn't napped today, so our ride home was, shall we say, eventful. He very literally sobbed the entire way because he wanted to go "back and play". UGH... That was a LONG 16 miles. But he really did enjoy the day, so it wasn't a total loss. Next week is Build A Bear and Joyful Jumpers. Should be lots of fun!

In the meantime, I have gotten the "OMG, my house is supposed to be done in 6 weeks" bug. As a result, my kitchen table and appliances have been ordered, colors have been picked out and I am heading to buy curtain fabric tomorrow. GO ME! Thanks to a gracious mom in my group, I have a sewing machine to actually do something with the fabric too! I hadn't thought about having the movers drop mine at the apartment - OOPS! But seriously, we really do think the house could be done in 6 weeks. The lower cabinets are in place, window trim and baseboard has been going in for the last 2 days, hardwoods are installed (not yet finished)... and the list goes on. It is really going to happen.


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  2. The template is through Pyzam. I did change it around to have the 3 columns based on info from a friend. You can Google how to though.


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