Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Nap for Mom

If you call between 1 and 3pm, you will likely get a hushed voice because my child with any luck should be sleeping. The hushed voice has been mistaken for "resting" myself, but that is rarely if not never the case. You just can't imagine how much there is to take care of when you mover 18+ hours from a home you were in for more than 5 years. Doctors, dentists, insurance, oh my! Then let's add in the fact that we were crazy enough to be building our house in upstate NY in the dead of winter. There are decisions to be made - lighting, flooring, cabinetry, landscaping and even closet design - AAKCK! How does anyone design their closet when they don't actually live in the space, I would like to know? For that matter, it is like planning what will be placed into what kitchen cabinet before functioning in the room. I just don't see it, and I have a feeling we will have that darn single wire shelf until I can actually be in the house. I hate that single wire shelf. It is never enough, but then again, I don't want to pigeon hole myself into organizational structure that I won't like in the long run or won't use.

Anyway, these are the things that I take care of, ponder, stress over, whatever you want to call it, when my child sleeps. Naptime is my refuge to be an adult, and naps have always seemed to be reserved for children - brats, I mean, lucky ones :o). Kyle unfortunately doesn't always cooperate with naps now that he has turned 2. It isn't because I don't try and wear him out either. Since have moved just slightly over 6 weeks ago, the boy has been just about everywhere I could possibly take him. We have been to 4 different parks thank to unseasonably warm weather, at least 3 inside play gyms, the Childrens' Science Museum of Troy, the Childrens' Museum of Saratoga Springs, tubing, story hour, and playdates galore. And I have to tell you that my child has been an absolute angel despite the sometimes lack of nap and the general 2 year old stubborness, through the entire upheaval that he has experienced.

Today is a day that I have been blessed with a nap, but I did a few things before he went down - appointments all around. So I thought I would meditate. Yes, I said meditate. It is something new I am trying for simply 10 minutes a day. One hour later, I awoke to the phone. It was my sister who said, "he must still be sleeping." Yes, and after I looked at the clock, I said, "And apparently, so was I." I don't think I will make a practice out of it, but dang it felt good!

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