Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funny Comments by Kyle

Kyle is very vocal these days about everything and anything.

While Daddy was at a business dinner the other night, we were preparing for bed. It must have hit him that Daddy wasn't home because he got this concerned, surprised look on his face and asked, "Where's Jeff?" He recently started referring to Daddy as Jeff in conversation. It isn't all the time, so we think just a novelty in knowing that means Daddy too.

Kyle has also gotten terribly independent. While it used to be "I do it", it became "Kyle do it" yesterday when I asked if he wanted me to go on the slide with him.

Explanation of the picture - I keep telling everyone about how Kyle plays football with me. We have to put ball caps on backward and look through the adjustable part. I assume this is our helmets... since that is sort of what they look to him on tv. Clever guy, huh?

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