Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYS Week 1

Well, we survived! Of course, we have endured every form of precipiation that is known to man, but we are here :o). The apartment is way more spacious than expected, especially after living in 2200 sq ft of a 1st floor. We had a gracious reception from my mommies' group, Toga Tots (Saratoga County - clever, huh?). There were hot meals every night of the week. At first, I didn't think it would be needed, but I have to tell you that it helped me get my feet under me. I could focus more on the necessities than "what's for dinner?"

Kyle was happy to be reunited with his "long, lost" toys. You know, the ones he had to live without for the 2 weeks in WV. He seems to have adapted well to apartment living as well. Though, I do think he is a bit put out when I say we are going home and stop here at our building. I am sure he will adjust though.

We had our electrical walk through at the house, which means it is moving right along! We have a roof WITH shingles, windows and even a little plumbing and HVAC. Pretty exciting! I have a few pictures to upload. I will try to get to them tomorrow.

We have another funfilled week ahead - playdates, 2 year appointments, and tubing. Look for pictures from week 2!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Kyle has been showing interest in the snow since we have been in WV. Thank goodness since there is nearly 2 feet in the backyard, not to mention the fact that we are moving to snow country! Finally today, I decided we should bundle up in snow gear and check it out. I am pleased to say that he LOVED it! As soon as I asked if he wanted to go out and play in the snow, he announced "I'm ready" though still in PJs. He walked funny when I first put on the snow pants and boots, but was undeterred and a little impatient while Mommy suited up.

We had big fun diving into the snow, throwing snowballs at cousin Liv and of course putting "balls" into Kelaen's basketball hoop.

2 Years Old! Holy Smokes

Just a few pictures from Kyle's 2nd birthday party. He had brownie for his cake, since he is a true chocoholic. I cut out a train and track, which he proceeded to run his Brio trains on :)