Monday, December 14, 2009


I had won a gift certificate for bowling. We decided to have some friends join us and take Kyle. He loved it... so long as he could bowl every frame :o). Actually, Kyle did really seem to enjoy it, but we did learn some lessons for the next time.
*4pm at a bowling alley is pretty busy. It would be better to go before nap.
*Get the last lane, so that Kyle can't run into the path of another bowler on BOTH sides.
*Get 2 lanes, so that Kyle CAN bowl every frame should he want to.
They had this cool contraption though. It is the ramp pictured. Basically, we would place the ball on top of the ramp, and Kyle would push it down. That way the ball would ahve enough momentum to get down the lane.
And yes, that is a 6 lb ball Kyle is holding in another picture. We really weren't allowed to help.

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