Monday, September 14, 2009


Not a lot of people know that I just completed my first mini-triathlon this weekend. I kept it hush-hush just in case I chickened out :o). Our neighborhood was sponsoring the event and it was strictly gym based, which I liked. That meant you rode the recumbent exercise bike, walked or ran on a treadmill and of course, swam in the pool. Although I used to be a competitive swimmer, I hadn?t swam laps for more than 15 years! That was the test. I started out at the pool a couple days a week. I think the first day I only swam 4 consecutive laps. The next trip, I thought, I will go for 10, which quickly became 30 in the allotted time. Whew! If I could do that, surely, I could ride an exercise bike and walk the treadmill.

I had it set up for 3 days of workouts per week. Of course, with vacations, Kyle being Kyle and the basement renovation, I want to say that I averaged closer to 1 ? workouts per week when it was all said and done. I figured that chasing (literally) and lifting a 30 pound toddler daily had to count for some exercise. As it turns out, I was right. The day of the event still snuck up on me though! They decided the format would be 30 minutes on the bike, then 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes in the pool. Your total distance would be added at the end to determine the winners.

The best part of the event was when Jeff and Kyle and Vi showed up at the gym to cheer for me. I had about 5 minutes left on the treadmill and was actually cruising along to Maniac on the iPod. What a perfect song to end a run on, by the way! It was funny to watch Kyle as he recognized the sweaty woman on the treadmill as mommy. Daddy had him dressed very appropriately too in his WVU jersey for a college football Saturday. They got to be there for my entire swim event too. Jeff was a huge help in letting me know how much time was left, which can be a challenge when you aren?t in a pool set up for swim races ? no big clock catch a glimpse of as you make a turn.

I completed 10.24 miles in the course of the 3 events. Sadly my 30 laps in the pool doesn?t add up to much in mileage. But only 2 people swam further than I did. I like that! And while I didn?t place, I am excited to simply have set this goal and made it! Thank you to my wonderful family who did without me while I hit the gym or pool! Maybe, just maybe I am not as out of shape as I thought.

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  1. that is awesome!!! I'm impressed. I need to refer back to this post and motivate myself to set some goals. Can't wait to hear about your next event!


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