Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

I have been neglecting my blog here recently. It has gotten much harder to spend time on the computer now that Kyle is beyond mobile. He will very literally stand between me and the counter and push me away. Apparently, I am needed for the ever important game of golf using a mini Red Sox soft baseball and a turkey baster. Yes, I said turkey baster, as everything in the remote shape of a golf club is in fact a golf club in Kyle's eyes. He would literally hit balls in the back yard for hours, Except that after the second hit, Mommy or Daddy better be willing to chase the ball down into the pinestraw. That would be fine, if only I ever wore shoes LOL.

I have to tell you that we are impresssed with his hitting. Now maybe every 17 month old grabs a club with the correct grip, has a backswing and hip action... I just don't know. We don't see any other 17 month olds golfing. Of course, he has no concept of hitting it to anywhere yet. All in due time.

Yesterday, Jeff took the morning off and we all went to Zoo Atlanta. What a perfect day for it! It still hit the 80's, but very little humitidy. Kyle adores animals almost as much as vehicles. Some of his favorites were the Meerkats (which is also Daddy's fav), the lemurs (like Zooboomafu), the birds, and the petting zoo. He has mastered several animal sounds at this point. In the bird house, all we heard was "twee" or "ckk" (which is his duck sound). Anything that remotely resembles a cat, gets the cat noise and then there is the dog noise that sounds remarkably like a "roar". Since the petting zoo was such a hit, Jeff and I decided to try some of the more local sites like Cagle's Dairy, Tanglewood or Petitt Farms. Tune in for those adventures in the coming months.

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