Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Brave Boy

Mom and I took Kyle to the neighborhood pool this afternoon. He started out playing in the fountain, but then decided he should go in the pool. Fine, just had to put the water wings on. Suddenly, Kyle takes off down the side of the pool toward the waterslides. He was very animated in "telling" us where he was going. I explained that we couldn't go on, so he watched awhile and would clap for the riders coming off the slide. Finally, I saw another mom riding with her son and asked the rules. I haven't had a need to know whether I could ride with a child, I guess :). Anyway, he was allowed just no flotation device.

I asked Kyle if he wanted to go on the slides and he giggled. We took the water wings off and went up the stairs to the slide. He LOVED it!! We went on at least 10 more times. I was so surprised and had a ball! He just gets braver by the day! I will post pictures once we get them off Mom's camera.

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  1. How fun! You are so brave. I'm still so nervous about water. Our little guys were able to go down a slide at the pool near our house but they both had life jackets on and Chris caught them at the bottom. Can't wait to see the pictures!!


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