Friday, July 24, 2009

Chattahoochee Nature Center

Another exciting day in the life of Kyle Bergman. Today, Mom and I took him to Chattahoochee Nature Center. He loved it. Of course, he LOVES animals, of which there were plenty to see. They had displays with fish, turtles, frogs, hawks, bald eagles, beavers, and then nature provided us with geese and butterflies. What more could a little boy want

We spent another great afternoon at the pool. Daddy joined in on the slide fun today!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Brave Boy

Mom and I took Kyle to the neighborhood pool this afternoon. He started out playing in the fountain, but then decided he should go in the pool. Fine, just had to put the water wings on. Suddenly, Kyle takes off down the side of the pool toward the waterslides. He was very animated in "telling" us where he was going. I explained that we couldn't go on, so he watched awhile and would clap for the riders coming off the slide. Finally, I saw another mom riding with her son and asked the rules. I haven't had a need to know whether I could ride with a child, I guess :). Anyway, he was allowed just no flotation device.

I asked Kyle if he wanted to go on the slides and he giggled. We took the water wings off and went up the stairs to the slide. He LOVED it!! We went on at least 10 more times. I was so surprised and had a ball! He just gets braver by the day! I will post pictures once we get them off Mom's camera.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Give the kid a break!

I suppose that is what the last 35 days or so were. It is official though, Kyle is teething AGAIN! Poor thing! Last night was the first time he had woken in the night in some time, so I fished around a little and sure enough... 2 year molars under the gum. UGH! They don't seem to be bothering him too much yet. We had noticed some chewing and were speculating. I guess we were just hoping that wasn't the case. He got his first tooth roughly at this time last year. His last first year tooth came in while we were in WV last month. So basically he got a 1 month reprieve and bam... back in the game.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trying it out...

Just discovered this really cool gadget on my iGoogle homepage! I can do quick notes on anything and they are supposed to automatically update the blog. You may have more information on the Bergman family than you ever cared to know :o). Of course the posts with cool pictures will take a little more effort still. Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

Tuesday Ramblings

I have been neglecting my blog here recently. It has gotten much harder to spend time on the computer now that Kyle is beyond mobile. He will very literally stand between me and the counter and push me away. Apparently, I am needed for the ever important game of golf using a mini Red Sox soft baseball and a turkey baster. Yes, I said turkey baster, as everything in the remote shape of a golf club is in fact a golf club in Kyle's eyes. He would literally hit balls in the back yard for hours, Except that after the second hit, Mommy or Daddy better be willing to chase the ball down into the pinestraw. That would be fine, if only I ever wore shoes LOL.

I have to tell you that we are impresssed with his hitting. Now maybe every 17 month old grabs a club with the correct grip, has a backswing and hip action... I just don't know. We don't see any other 17 month olds golfing. Of course, he has no concept of hitting it to anywhere yet. All in due time.

Yesterday, Jeff took the morning off and we all went to Zoo Atlanta. What a perfect day for it! It still hit the 80's, but very little humitidy. Kyle adores animals almost as much as vehicles. Some of his favorites were the Meerkats (which is also Daddy's fav), the lemurs (like Zooboomafu), the birds, and the petting zoo. He has mastered several animal sounds at this point. In the bird house, all we heard was "twee" or "ckk" (which is his duck sound). Anything that remotely resembles a cat, gets the cat noise and then there is the dog noise that sounds remarkably like a "roar". Since the petting zoo was such a hit, Jeff and I decided to try some of the more local sites like Cagle's Dairy, Tanglewood or Petitt Farms. Tune in for those adventures in the coming months.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Travel

We have been busy this summer and it is only the middle of July!!

Kyle and I flew to WV in June to visit with MaMa and Grandpa Szabo. He even had the exciting adventure of spending the night there alone while Mommy went to Vegas. Ooh la la! Kyle had big fun seeing the horses out at Oglebay and heading to the Good Zoo. Better yet though was the animal menagerie found just between MaMa's and Aunt Tracey's house - birds, chipmunks, kitties and the occasional ferret! He thought he was big stuff running between the 2 houses.

I almost forgot about the trucks and cars. My son might be surprised to learn that golfers aren't in everyone's back yard, but he was even more surprised that some people have cars and trucks riding past their front door every single day! Life in the suburbs. How we managed to leave WV without taking pictures, I will never know. I can only assume it was because Kyle barely stood still!

In July, the whole family flew to Boston for the annual trip. We spent our lazy days at the Cape, enjoying the the Children's museum, beach, 4th of July parades and lots of cousins. We took a ton of pictures, so I am putting them in a slideshow for your enjoyment.