Thursday, April 30, 2009

McKenna's Farm

Another busy day! Today we visited McKenna's Farm which specializes pediatric therapy sevices for ages 0-21 yrs old. We are so lucky to have great moms in the mommies' group scoping out activities for us. It was really a great time!

We got to feed, pet, and brush the horses. No riding today, but none necessary. Kyle especially enjoyed hanging out in the barn where he could run between the stalls to visit whichever horse was poking his/her head out. I think Storm was his favorite, but my camera battery had died by the time he decided that :). He also spent some time with the barn kitties, who surprisingly didn't mind his hugs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Touch a Truck

Kyle thought he might have died and gone to heaven! Today was Touch A Truck sponsored by our county recreation department. They had a ladder fire truck, bucket truck, race car, amulance, farm equipment, and the ever popular police car and motorcycles. He even got to set the siren off in the police car!

Here are a few pictures from his exciting morning. I put them in slideshow format. Hope it works!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

Here are some pictures from our trip to Indiana. The whole family rendezvoused at Aunt Steph's and Uncle Joe's new place. We stopped at Nashville Zoo on the way up, which accounts for Kyle's fat lip. Then Friday, we hit the Children's Museum in Indy. What a huge place! Good times had by all!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ring Around the Rosey - sort of

We have been playing ring around the rosey. Kyle particularly likes the "down" part. I am pretty sure he is saying it too, when he isn't distracted by the screw holes in the temporary wall :-).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Addition to the Bergman House

A Sandbox!!

Mommy and Daddy decided since we don't use one of the garden beds for actual gardening anymore, it may as well become a sandbox for Kyle. Now with his water table, he has a little play mecca in the back yard. Of course, the stairs to the screened porch also provide moments of interest.

This is stage one, no dirt and lots of sand! Stage two will be putting a roof over the sandbox and also creating a cover to lay directly over the sand. So far, Kyle is very happy with the results!

We also had some challenges while walking the slopes in the yard. Notice the scratches and forehead bruise in the bath shot. Builds character :-).