Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is a picture of Kyle in his outfit from the birthday dinner last night. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, so it is even HARDER now that he is older to get online. Kyle desperately wants to be on my computer if I am. We actually can rarely use the desk because he has found ways to pull the computers toward him! Oh well.

Lots to report here actually. First and foremost, he walks!! The second video is some of his early attempts. He is walking probably 75-90% of the time. He is no longer content to sit in play. Our days consist of him picking up a toy, walking into another room, then coming back with a different toy.

Secondly, from the walking video, you can see his other new talent. He communicated very clearly yes with a nod and no with the shake of his head. Well, ok, clearly might be a stretch, thanks to a goof up on my part. When I would ask a yes/no question, I would nod when I said yes, but immediately follow with shaking the head no while saying no. SOOOO, my brilliant deduced that yes was demonstrated by nodding, then shaking no. If he means no though, it is a definite no, no nodding on that one.

He had his first real sickness this week, alas, the dreaded ear infection. When we went to the doctor, she of course wanted to check him with a stethoscope. She made the mistake of asking if he wanted to touch it first, to which he shook his head NO. Then she asked if she could touch Mommy with it, again a NO, with the added whimper for good measure. at least he knows what he wants.

We have been enjoying gorgeous spring weather here in Georgia. Kyle has been taking wagon rides with Wally (the Red Sox mascot), playing at his water table on the side porch and his very favorite, playing on side porch when Daddy gets home from work. The only glitch in our outdoor playtime. He hates the feel of grass on his feet.

Hope you enjoy the videos!