Thursday, January 8, 2009

11 months today!

Oh where has the time gone! I haven't really posted lately because my camera died just before Christmas. Now there is so much to tell, I don't even know where to begin!

We travelled to WV for Thanksgiving. Kyle loved hanging out with Olivia and Kelaen again. He also decided right around that time, that maybe he would like to try REAL vegies out. Forget this baby food stuff! Here is a quick video of him eating peas one of the first times. We have since graduated to carrots, beets, turkey, chicken, ham, and anything Mommy and Daddy are eating that maybe he could taste :)

Immediately following our holiday in WV, Kyle decided to graduate to true crawling and GASP crusing around tables and furniture. When did he get so big? No walking yet, but there have been momentary sightings of standing without any support.

Kyle was a very lucky boy for Christmas, as it lasted 3 weeks! Nana and Grandpa Bergman were here the week before, then there was Christmas with Mommy and Daddy, and finally the following week with MaMa and Grandpa Szabo. Never fear though, he was a champ through it all. I don't think he knew what to make of Christmas this year. Really, Mom's box from Grandma Miller and Dad's new bungee cord set were pretty exciting in his book. Kyle got lots of goodies, mostly musical - xylophone, drum set, leap frog table, and a cool set of WVU balls. We often find him playing with one and rocking his body to the beat. Daddy and Mommy didn't do too badly either. Dad FINALLY got that drill press he had been wanting. And Mom got her Wii Fit! Woo Hoo!

Here are a couple of our favorite Christmas shots. The one on his train is from the night before... notice just a few presents. The second one is the Saturday following Christmas for the WVU bowl game. He was playing with his snowmen. "I'm gonna eat some gingerbread...." I swear, I will be singing that for months to come!

I promise more to follow as we fast approach the first birthday!

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