Tuesday, May 27, 2008

15 Weeks & A Car Trip

PhotobucketPhotobucketTo celebrate Kyle's 15 week birthday, we decided on a road trip... ok, that isn't exactly true. Jeff had some business in Pensacola, so we decided to tag along and go to Pensacola Beach. The drive was 360 miles or so, and Kyle was an absolute doll! Someone must have told him that his parents intend to take him everywhere :). We have to travel a little heavier than our childless days, and no driving straight through, but no big deal.

Each morning, Kyle and I would get up with Jeff. Kyle would have his breakfast, then we would go get mine where he would entertain the other guests with his talking. After breakfast, we went to the beach. I figured the early morning (7am) was the best time for him to be out. It got very hot and sunny later in the day, which might have been too much for my fair skinned boy. We would sit, so that he could put his feet in the sand. He seemed to like the sand. We didn't try the water though because Kyle still isn't all too keen on baths. Although, we did discover that he is open to a shower. Progress!! We filled the rest of the day with books, walks, the zoo and shopping. Overall, he did fantastic on the trip! I have so many pictures to share, but I have posted a few of my favorites here along with a great little video. Be sure to check out what his bib says... nothing like advertisement.

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  1. Couldn't be cuter!!! He's already looking so grown up!!!



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