Friday, May 2, 2008

12 Weeks - AMAZING!

We can hardly believe that Kyle is already 12 weeks old! There have been lots of exciting things going on. Yesterday, we recieved his Social Security card and birth certificate. Now, we just need to go get his passport. You can never be too prepared :). You never know when an overseas opportunity might arise!

The big news though is that he is officially sleeping completely through the night with an 8pm bedtime! He makes a few peeps, and of course, I am still getting up to check on him. But a 1 minute check is MUCH better than a 30 minute feeding! I don't need to be near as awake. Kyle is also sleeping strictly in his crib. I had been napping him there, so the transition was fairly easy. Here is a video of him hanging out with his buddy, Wally. For the non-Red Sox fans, Wally is the green monster mascot for the team. Unless he is starving, Kyle is always quite content to lay and watch Wally. Please excuse the lousy camera work. For some reason, I just thought I could turn the camera and edit it like a picture. Maybe you can, but I haven't figured out how :(. I love how he twirls his feet in a circle while he watches him. It is also rare footage of Kyle, the hot body, in a sleeper. For some reason, the house was very cold for a few nights.

Jeff and I also branched out and had a sitter last weekend!! We had a crawfish boil to go to which was quite fun. We have missed having boils. It might be time for a low country boil soon here in the Bergman house. Kyle did great for our friend and was in bed when we got home. I am so thankful that we have good friends that are willing to sit with him. It makes it so much easier to know that we can get out of the house together once in awhile.

I will try to update more frequently. He is changing so much everyday!

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