Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday!

Hopefully this is the last pregnant picture you will see of me!

I am officially 39W this morning. Jeff took this last night after dinner with the neighbors. He is really hoping I can hold out until the game is at least over this evening.

My family has bets going on whether we will change the name to someone from either team, should I go into labor tonight. Doesn't Plaxico or Asante Bergman have a nice ring to it? - NOT!

I have an appointment in the morning, so I should have an idea at least if my body is making some progress on its own. If it is, I will have the option of scheduling an in induction date for early next week. We haven't decided whether or not to do that yet - although having a date would be nice. Since we both like numbers, we were playing with what numbers make sense together - 2/4/08 (2x4=8), 2/6/08 (2+6=8), etc. That's what you get when 2 engineers marry, I suppose :). GO Patriots - (that is strictly for Jeff - I am still diehard Steelers!).


  1. I think you look tinier now than you did last week! It'll be soon...I just know it

  2. You look fantastic. The little Bergman will be here any day I'm sure.

    Jeff: Sorry about the Pats but what can you do. Spring training starts in two weeks.

    Love to both,

    Barbara, David and Mike


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