Saturday, January 19, 2008

How is it possible?

Holy smokes! When is this baby going to stop growing :)?

Jeff and I went out for dinner tonight. Since I looked a little nicer than I do while working from the house, I thought we should do a belly shot. We are exactly 3 weeks from the due date tomorrow. Although, neither of us would be sad for Kyle to make his arrival sooner!

The house is pretty much in order. We have carpet cleaners coming in Monday - big fun! Won't the cats love that? And I have my 37 week appointment. Wednesday is our Baby Essentials class, and I have decided we are going to test out the Scalini's theory. They have a wall of photos of mommies and their babies. The common thread, all the mom's had the eggplant parmesan there within days of giving birth. Here's to hoping!!

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  1. I hate to tell you I tried the eggplant theory, among others I'll leave to your imagination. Livi was 10 day overdue and there was no convincing her to arrive any sooner. Good luck! Enjoy the quiet, VERY soon you'll wonder what you two did with all your free time and money!


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