Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Belated Christmas Pics

Sorry - things have been hectic! We had a wonderful holiday season though!

Jeff and I drove up to Nashville to be with Steph and Joe on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Jeff and I couldn't wait to take our presents up there to open them, so he was able to take his new Wii system with him. Thank goodness or the boys would never find anything to do :)! (I enjoyed my new earrings at the same time though).

It was funny leaving their house on Wednesday saying "See you in a couple of days!" They joined us for the weekend, along with Mom and Dad. Again, what would we have done without the Wii. Stephanie's and my favorite story is looking out on the porch, seeing all three boys with a cigar and playing the new fishing game. It seriously looked like they should have been on the shoreline somewhere fishing! I can't believe we didn't take any pictures!

Here are a few pics of the house in all its Christmas glory. The one of me and the tree is from the night of Jeff's work Christmas party. If I ever wrangle the one of the both of us from that night, I will edit the post.

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