Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Guy's annual Halloween party. As you can tell from the picture, Jeff and I picked our normal politically correct costume :). I hate that you can't see my whole outfit - complete with knee socks and Mary Janes (courtesy of Heather). I felt like I was channeling Brittany Spears in that video - was it Oops I did it Again?

Father Bergman obviously had to be watched as he tried to purchase more alcohol from Wanda's Tavern. Don't you just love this costume?!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween on Wednesday!

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Pictures

Well, I finally got around to scanning the new photos of our boy. Sorry for the quality. Unfortunately, the 2D ultrasound pictures aren't near as nice as those from the 4D.
Little Bergie has been very active lately. Yesterday, I think he may have been doing the conga while I sat through a business meeting. Apparently he wasn't interested in the topic :). Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ta Dah! The Nursery

It isn't quite complete. I am sure that will be tinkering with it for all the months leading up to Bergie's birth, but here is the progress so far.

We decided to make good use of the twin bed and put it in his room. I still want to get some big pillows to throw on it, but all in good time.

That is little Bergie's first Red Sox outfit lying on the changing pad!

And the shining star - the crib! I think the bumper and skirt came out great. I still have some more ties to add to the bumper, but I have a few months.

Basement Bedroom

For all intents and purposes, the basement bedroom is complete. There will be some punchlist items to take care of I am sure, but it at least looks like a finished product. Please excuse the water spots on the pictures. I guess that my camera needs cleaned... OOPS!

Happy Anniversary Steph and Joe!!

It has been 3 years!! Woo hoo! Congratulations, you two!