Thursday, September 27, 2007

One More Night!

Jeff comes home tomorrow! The cats will be very pleased. I am afraid that they like it much better when he is at home because I tend to sit still longer :).

I have been diligently working on the nursery parts. I have the crib bumper nearly done. A friend had given me their old bumper, so all I had to do was recover it, which was a heck of a lot easier than the pattern wanted me to do. The only problem was that she must have had what is termed a "mini-crib" because it would have been too short for our crib. So today, I have to go get more padding, and it will be complete!

I also started the crib skirt and curtains last night. The crib skirt is going very smoothly - so far. I would like to have it done in time for the crib to be set up this weekend. That way, we won't have to remove the mattress after it is place to put the skirt in. The curtains are another story. We have a double window in the nursery. I really can't do 2 separate shades because they share a center framing member. Making the shade to span the whole width of both is a little bit of a chore, but I am sure I will figure it out. I have a co-worker who is going to help me translate the pattern this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Speaking of luck - the magic number for the Red Sox is now at 2! Root for those Damn Yankees to lose! Of course, Sox still need to win. The division title sure would be nice!

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